Excavator Attachement Mine Bucket

Mine Bucket

High Strength & Longer Service Life

On the basis of rock bucket, we add more welding steel plates at bottom of the bucket so that it is much more robust, It is made of China super hich strength wearable steels, extending the durability by several times. They maximize products’reliability, excavation performance and economical efficiency. Digging earth with hard rocks, sub-hard stones and weathered stones and also can do heavy works, such as digging and loading solid rocks. blasted ores.

Bucket TypeMaterialConfiguration and PerformanceApplicable Environment
Mine BucketHardox+Bis400+Q460Hardox plate for cutting edge and side cutter,Bis400 plate for side walls, and Weldox plate forbottom reinforcements. Welding wear-resistant blocks in side walls and using China high quality adapters to ensure the buckets with super wear-resistant and anti-bending capacity.lt is suitable for heavy loading operation, such as excavating of hard stones, secondary hard rocks weathered granite, loading of ores after blasting and so on.



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